Country: United Kingdom
history: Freejam was founded in Portsmouth, UK by five guys with a solid belief in one simple game idea ‘Robocraft’. We pooled our combined 52 years of traditional games development experience, came up with great idea and by incorporating a new lean-start-up philosophy etched into our brains we were set free to innovate. We created Freejam to prove truly amazing games can be created through experimentation and evolution. The ‘founding five’ are skilled and organised professional game developers who have embraced the indie way. We are small so we can react fast, listen to our players, make quick decisions, try new stuff out and sculpt our game super efficiently. In the same unrestrained way that musicians write songs, from a simple jam session with a few chords we will create a game that grows into a masterpiece over time with support from our players… Our journey is a personal experience for the team and we will share our highs and lows with you all on our website and across social media (Facebook, Twitter and Reddit). Our approach relies on open and transparent interaction with our players – we simply can’t make this type of game without input from everyone. We don’t know where Robocraft is going to end up, nor do we know how long it will take, but to be honest that’s all part of the fun. Give us your voice and help us make the most perfect computer game inspired by everyone.
There is nothing to show.