Country: Poland
Established: 31 December 2008
history: Bloober Team is a game development company based in Cracow, Poland. We create hidden horror games – focusing on the atmosphere and the environment, rather than survival and shooter mechanics. Bloober Team ventures Behind The Darkness. Bloober Team has been established in 2008. During the first few years the company has worked as a developer for hire. It has produced more than 40 different SKU’s during that time. Then came Basement Crawl and its reimagination in the form of BRAWL, which steered Bloober Team back to its roots - to horror games. The company has worked directly with companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony. Layers of Fear (2016) was the first game from Bloober Team’s new horror portfolio, sealing the new vision of Bloober Team for the years to come.
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